Trekking in the Zagarone waters, a swim in the natural pool and the charm of the Tuorno waterfalls.
Suggestive trekking. Madonna del Fiume, Bard'natore waterfalls, regenerating immersion in the river.
The village of Paternopoli, the Fiorentino cellars: a space of connection between the countryside and man.
Journey to the gate of hell, the character of Osco and the medieval village of Rocca San Felice.
An abbey with a thousand-year history, large in size, unexpected in a countryside.
A village among the little ones of Italy where there is an irresistible attraction: a pipe organ played by the wind.
Experience in contact with raw materials and the story of peasant-brewers who tell the territory in every glass of beer.
Trekking on Monte Terminio, immersed in unspoiled nature among tall beech trees, green hills, and unique and spectacular landscapes.

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